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Why is the Internet so Important for Your Business

How do you potential customers find you?

How do potential customers find businesses when they are ready to buy? People no longer use the Yellow pages or the Newspaper. Today people search online; they go to one of the search engines and type their request in there. It has been shown that it’s not just about online sales, about 2/3rd of off-line sales are the result of online searches. So you may not be aware of the effect of your online presence.

Case Study: an Indian Restaurant in Penrith

Let us consider the scenario that you are the owner of an Indian restaurant in Penrith. You may decide that it would be a good marketing ploy to call it the Taj Mahal, because it’s a name that people will remember. That may be true, but before they remember you, they must first discover you.

When would be the best time for people to discover your restaurant? When they feel like going out for an Indian meal, and when they are in the Penrith area. That is when they are most likely to buy from you. Once they have visited you, if they have a fantastic time, they will return, bringing their friends.

What will they type into Google? What would prospective customers type into Google? Not your name, not “Taj Mahal” because they don’t know you yet. They would type in exactly what they are thinking about. They would type in “Indian restaurant Penrith”.

To get new customers, people need to be able to find you when they search for your products or services. If you can only be found when people are searching for your name, or only if they already know about your website, then you are only getting customers that have already decided to buy from you.

They would get something like this.

A Google local search

Notice the map on the right, it draws the eye first. See the red tags, we are naturally drawn to this and the extra information on a map. There is a section at the top of the search results with information that relates to the map, and there are stars and reviews associated with them. These things will get the users attention.

The second area below the local results are the natural results, this is what you would have seen last year. Notice that it is possible to be in both the local section and the natural section, giving a business a second opportunity to get the traffic.

So out of 35,000 possible results, these three businesses will share nearly all the traffic from this search.


Moving on from our scenario, what sort of online presence does your business have? Do prospective clients find you on the Internet?

Here is a challenge:

  • What is your most popular product of service?
  • What is your location
  • Type them into Google.
  • What do you get?
  • How much of the potential business are you missing?

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