Sue Stones
Springwood Internet Marketing is located in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, NSW.  We are ideally situated to provide services to businesses primarily located in the Penrith, Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. We are happy to provide services to businesses in a wider area using telephone and online consultations.

About Hello, my name is Susan Stones, and I am the person behind Springwood Internet Marketing. Let me briefly outline my motivations here because Springwood Internet Marketing is the result of many years of investigation into the needs and goals of local business.

I am a Master of Information Technology and a total geek, I love sitting in my office playing with the latest gadgets, and programming problems. But when it comes to business, what I really want to do is help people. I chose to work with small to medium business owners,because that means that I am working with individuals, not corporations.

During 2009 I realised that I needed to investigate how to get customers online, I studied the fun technical aspects of SEO, authority page ranking, internet traffic, visitor conversions, content management systems, email marketing, split testing, social media marketing, copy writing, marketing processes and many other things. I have discovered that in the world of Internet Marketing things are always changing, and that I will always be learning new technical elements and strategies, which I find exciting.

Finally, I put together the Springwood Internet Marketing system that allows me to use these new skills to help people. I use a template solution to creating websites, this reduces the cost, and frankly the boredom, of creating the actual website. And I use a custom approach to finding the correct solution to the needs and goals of business owners.